Welcome to Women ITI Ambala City

Govt. Industrial Training Institute (women), Ambala City is a Haryana state Govt. Institute to provide technical Training to youth for the purpose of employment in Industry.

ITI (W), A/City is running in a vast area of about 18827.72 m2 having large Play ground, lush green all around covered with trees & plants. Institute has airy classrooms, with sufficient place, Conference Hall, Library, Computer Labs, etc.

The idea behind this Institute is to technically train the youth with full facilities provided by Haryana Govt. in shape of Good Infrastructure & technically expert Instructors under the supervision of Qualified & experienced Group Instructors.

  • The Courses are being run in this Institute are under Govt. Of India’s NCVT & Haryana State’s SCVT Scheme.
  • This Institute is situated opp. Mission Hospital, near polytechnic chowk, Ambala City.
  • The Campus Area of this Institute is about 18827.72 m2 ,the two main building blocks are nicely constructed to meet the requirement for functioning of the Institute.


ITI’s at Haryana aim at providing quality Technical Training in order to make these Institute approachable by youngsters of economically week families. The students here get the support from the Govt. facility members or other staff members in shape of high quality Industrial Training which helps in shaping the raw youngsters into valuable citizens of the nation who in turn, on one hand, get placed in high profile Industries & earn their respective livehood.